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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Float tubing - great fun

I have had a great few days with lesson -Friday I was doing a bit of filming with Phil Williams for a webcast - the subject  - float tubing and by great timing(!) I had a lesson with Mark from Leeds who want to learn all about, you guessed it, float tubing! What a coincidence! So it ended up being quite a good piece although I haven't seen the finished edited version yet!
In this photo I am taking Mark out for his first tubing experience where he learned how to propel and navigate a tube. It wasn't long before caught his first fish from a tube. Another convert!

On Saturday I had a good lesson with Mike from Nelson, who wanted to brush up on his spey casting technique.
Tomorrow will see me back at Curley's for a full day with a complete beginner.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Various updates

Just thought I'd put a few bits and pieces together for your information and or amusement!!!

Firstly look here for the sale of possibly the best rods ever produced by Hardy (IMHO)
Whenever I go salmon fishing the 15ft Swift Mk11 and for reservoir then the 9ft 6in #6 are my "go to" rods -they are just brilliant. I know a lot of the guys in the Academy use these rods all the time. Discontinued - why? I guess nothing stands still and in the tackle world if you do stand still you're out of business in no time! Maybe there's going to be a "Nano" Swift Mk3?? Who knows?But get one while you can! If anyone wants to try my rods first just get in touch.

Fancy doing a bit of salmon fishing at prime time 25th Sept on the best salmon river in England at a very good price - look here the auction on for the Tyne River Festival maybe your answer!

Are you in the market for a good reel - Hardy Offer - 2 FREE Mach lines with every Demon Trout and 1 Mach line with every Uniqua reel online look here
This offer includes salmon reels and Mach Spey lines - So with a demon reel you can get up to £150 worth of lines free!!!! Offer ends 31st July

Sunday, 19 June 2011


Was at the fly fair today at the Stafford Show ground, a new venue and date for this show which is normally held in November.

It was great meeting up with old Pals and lots of clients as they milled about looking at the stands working out where to spend their hard earned!
I guess it was a little quieter than previously however it was quite hard to judge as the new venue is a lot bigger and so you didn't have to negotiate the crowds in small aisles and walkways.
I even managed to keep my spending under control for once!

Lessons all next week - good mixed bag of high level technical stuff and some complete beginners.
Might be doing a bit of filming at Curley's on float tubing, next week if the weather is ok!! Should be interesting.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Bailiff Vacancy

Hi all
There is a vacancy for a part time bailiff at Curley's.
Would suit any active person who has some knowledge of fly and coarse fishing techniques and tackle. Duties include issuing of fishing permits, work in the tackle shop, liaising with fishing clients, giving advice etc and general maintenance duties. Flexible hours but won't always be "office" hours! Training will be given, enthusiasm and a helpful nature essential!

If you want more information or wish to apply please send me an email at

River Fishing

Great day on the Wharfe yesterday with 3 clients, they had about 17 fish between them and a fair few over 16ins.
It was a strange day - the forecast turned out to be very wrong and in fact it was quite a nice day, very changeable winds - sometime upstream then completely the opposite, bright sky with some sunny spells. Not much of a hatch going at anytime so we started with duo-ing and spiders and in no time at all, the spiders won.  All of them were quickly getting takes mostly to Partridge & Orange and Partridge & Yellows and that then was the trend for the day.
The fish wanted the flies presented just a little under the surface. Both upstream and across and down worked well.
All in all a very good day.
Back on Curley's now for the next couple of days then at the BFFI on Sunday then doing some filming on float tubing early next week - weather permitting
Busy busy!!!
What a hard life!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

BFFI fair Stafford

Good day yesterday on the Ribble, I hope it's as good today on the Wharfe!

I will be at the BFFI fair on Sunday on the GAIA stand - if you are around come and have a chat
BFFI more details

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

River lessons

On a river for the next couple of days
Today on the Ribble and a second attempt at this lesson as we got blown off the river last time out and got mighty wet into the bargain - should be ok today - hopefully! With the little bit of rain we have had, the rivers should be a little fresher and I know that there have been a few seatrout caught on the ribble recently but it's brownies we are after today!

Tomorrow I am on the River Wharfe with a couple of my regular clients wanting to brush up on their techniques and try this river for the first time.

When it comes to river work I offer two services - tuition and guiding and sometimes both at the same time.

Sometimes I love this work and then other times I really love it!!!!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Distance Casting

The British Fly Casting Club, is just a group of casting junkies who meet up to swap techniques and skill on how to cast a very long way.
They only breach the North once a year, as most of them are Southern Softies  and on this occasion the meeting is at Wrexham Rugby Club, tomorrow 12th June. (Yes, I know that's not quite the North but it's still a breakthrough for these guys!)

Now I realise that distance casting is not for everyone and from my perspective as an Instructor there are some rare techniques that are sometimes employed to cast a long way that I certainly would not attempt to teach - Have you seen the bouncing bomb!

However the one thing I would say is if you practise the skills that allow you to cast a full fly line and much further then it is amazing how much your shorter casting improves as well.

Maybe we all ought to join this club, it's only £20 and then we can start a proper Northern Branch!!!

Sunday, 5 June 2011


Been going all day everyday for awhile now but I do have  a couple of gaps during this next week for lessons if anyone wants a last minute bit of tuition. Just give me a ring on 07786682272 or email.