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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Fly Fishing Websites

It is of course true that loads of information is now readily available through the cyberspace highway but how many times do you do a bit of surfing and find absolutely nothing new or interesting.
Time and time again I always end up going back the the sites I know and enjoy to read their updates.
Here are just two of those sites you you may also enjoy:

Gwent Angling Society - this is a large site with loads of videos on all aspects of Fly fishing and fly tying.
Sexy Loops -This site has been around for ages but for all those technically minded is just about the best around for casting nerds

There is enough fly fishing info one these two sites to keep you house bound for weeks!!! Handle with care!!


Friday, 25 February 2011

Flu Jabs???

Flu jabs - are they having a laugh? Had my jab before Christmas but hasn't stopped my getting pole axed by a bout of serious man flu.!
Still did a few lessons this week, some very technical and some at beginner level - all good stuff.
It was good to meet up with Roger from London, who is taking his GAIC exam in May.

Been surfing the net a bit as well and came across this - Sir Ian Botham talking about his love of fly fishing

Have a ganders here

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Day off but early start

I am off today as I am going to watch the Mighty Magpies of Chorley take on Chester in what will  be one of the biggest games of season with the top and second teams in the Evostick Div One North playing each other. Non league football is brilliant and much better than watching all the overpaid Premier League "superstars"!

It was an early start for me though as I was in Radio Lancashire's studios at 7.30am recording a programme with Martin James "At the water's edge" which will go out early April - I'll let you know the actual date of transmission nearer to the time just in case you are so bored that you might want to tune in!

Martin James is a great guy and an absolutely avid fisher in all disciplines and for all species. Besides being a broadcaster he is also the river keeper for the private stretch of the Ribble where I am a member and he does a great job of looking after the water and us!
I would whole heartedly recommend his book that came out at the end of last year - "At the water's edge" published by First Nature (ISBN13:978-0-9560544-5-4). It is a great read for any fishing fan not just fly fishing.

Come on Chorley!!!

Friday, 11 February 2011

Is casting ability a natural talent?

I have been teaching fly fishing on a full-time basis for about 9 or 10 years now and I am still no nearer to deciding if a good caster is born or manufactured.

I have witnessed that, hand eye co-ordination, balance, timing and control are vital components of good casting and I have observed that some people possess these skills more than others. However I have been able to teach all clients to cast sufficiently well to allow them to catch fish, albeit with some having to practice a bit more than others. Having said all that I have to say that some of my clients have latched onto techniques quicker than others and as a result have ended up being better casters.

Take today's lesson with David from Rufford who has been fly fishing for about 2 years but having reached the inevitable ceiling in achieving casting objectives, came to me for help.  His initial casting was very typical of all self-taught casters - more brawn than technique. However once David understood what he was trying to do and then took all the power and effort out of the cast, allowing the rod and line to do the work, his casting really took off. More practise followed establishing this new style and technique even more, to the extent that he was double hauling before the end of the lesson.
So is David more naturally talented than some of my other clients? Maybe, but what made him stand out for me are 2 of the most important characteristics that we all need in order to learn & improve in anything
1/ listening skills - this is a two way street and not just for the client but probably more for the instructor!
2/ desire to do better and mean it!

Thanks David for a great lesson - really enjoyed it!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Micro Flies

This is going to be my "theme" for this year when river fly fishing - using small flies. As the fish generally come under more and more fishing pressure, I  am sure that great a presentation of a very inconspicuous fly will pay dividends.
Plus how many times nowadays do we go to the river and not see any real "hatch" to speak of especially early Spring? In fact the only thing we can see moving or should I say flying about are likely to be Chironomids.

A good mate of mine, Gareth Lewis, is a real ambassador for all flies small

Have a look around his blog site you 'll see what I mean.......Look Here

If you tie your own then you'll need some 20's to 28 hooks!!