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Friday, 27 April 2012

Spey casting lesson

I was on the Ribble yesterday with a Father and Son combo for a Spey casting lesson.
Alex and Iain had a basic lesson with me 2 weeks ago at Curley's but now was the time to put the basics to the test on moving water.
Firstly we discussed about wading safety - really important as the river had come up about a foot over normal summer levels due to the overnight rain.

Starting off with a static roll cast and then jump roll to blow away the cobwebs we soon moved onto changing direction and "proper" fishing casts.

We looked at the classic double spey to allow us to cast safely when there is a downstream wind and then a snap T to cast safely in an upstream wind. These two fairly simple options allow us to fish in almost all conditions.
As we progressed through the lesson the river was rising steadily but still wade-able until we saw lots of debris being washed down and it was time to get out and we finished the lesson from the safety of the bank.

Keeping yourself safe is obviously important but having the techniques to do so, need be acquired just like any other skill.

Back to Curley's for the rest of the week and weekend with novies and beginners.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Radio Programme

Hi Folks
For any of you who are interested I will be on Martin James programme "At the Water's Edge" on Radio Lancashire on Thursday at 7.00pm
Click here for the link - you can listen to it for 7 days after the scheduled tranmission time.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

River Ribble

Had a spey casting lesson on the ribble today so decided after the lesson was over to have a go with a double hander for the first time this year, in anger.

The water levels looked ominous last night at  1m above normal Summer levels but fortunately it had gone down to a very fishable 60cms. The colour was a little dark but definitely fishable so I gave it a go.
Early doors yet for the Ribble and nothing was moving about at all but at least it was a start.
Martin James, broadcaster, author and all round good egg was upstream and briefly latched onto what he thought was a sea-trout but never got to see the fish.

Talking about Martin, I will be on his radio programme "At the water's edge" on Radio Lancashire on April 26th

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Extreme Float Tubing

Now most of you will know that I am a float tubing enthusiast, however these guys take it to the max and back again.

Look at this -

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Fishing time

Been doing  bit of fishing myself over the last couple of days. It's my new years resolution to get out more and practise what I preach. I did so little fishing last year that I am determined to put this right in 2012.
Last few days on the river with my new 11ft #3 streamflex - great river rod. Main set-up includes small nymphs and spiders and then to react to any hatches with my 12ft Tenkara rod and dry flies.
So far as a tactics this is working at treat, quite a few nice Brownies to the net.

I have been amazed at the presentation you can get from both of these rods particularly the Tenkara rod.