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Saturday, 25 February 2012

February lessons

Great lesson this morning with Phil Ratcliffe, who is training to take his APGAI certificate. Doing really well and should be confident in his test which he is taking in April up in Scotland.

Tomorrow looking forward to having all my trainees on the river for some roll and spey casting tuition. We get some serious work done in these session but we certainly have a laugh as well!

Not long now till the "real" season gets underway - already seeing rising fish at Curley's responding to the warmer temperatures bringing on a good buzzer hatch.

Still time to get your casting in order and to tie some grannom and large dark olive patterns for the River.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

February fishing

I was on the river on Thursday with 3 clients for some Grayling fishing. Typical February river and weather conditions - neither very pleasant but an enjoyable day nonetheless and some "Ladies" caught to boot.
Nymphing was the order of the day and all the fish falling to a copper beaded hare's ear.
The conditions deteriorated during the afternoon and put a halt to any signs of a hatch - still early days yet but good to get the waders wet again. Can't wait for the first signs of the Large Dark Olives and Grannoms - this is when Spring time fishing really gets underway, for me anyway.

Again it's typical reservoir stuff for the time of year - lures doing most of the damage but surprisingly at Curley's, not very deep, only about 4ft or 5ft.

A few lessons going on as people get their casting in order for the new season.

Thursday, 9 February 2012


Lots of talk about a "new" river fishing technique where you don't use any fly line but use a very long leader! French nymphing, Spanish Nymphing, Leader in Hand etc. etc.
I am sure all of this so called "innovation" by the competition boys is just their way of circumnavigating the comp rules. The same thing happened with the invention of the coiled indicator - a simple way of using an indicator that was allowable under the rules of comp fishing!!!

Well,  this "leader in hand" concept is not new it's been around for centuries.
Look here for the history of Tenkara and what it's all about.
This technique has really taken hold in the States and is rapidly developing a new breed of followers in Britain.  Personally I find it really interesting and can't wait to try it out on our rivers.

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Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Back to completing my lessons now we have some better weather.  All stillwater lessons for the remainder of this week and next up to now but then back to the river for Spey casting and some grayling fishing.